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Pick up your phone and call me today and learn a sizzling Tantric Secret to enhance your Lovemaking skills!  I will coach you, live and in person.  Tantra

Choose your "Tantric Secret." Tantra

Tantric Secret of "LASTING LONGER" (for men)

Tantric Secret of "Female Sacred Spot Massage" 

Tantra  Secret of "Female Ejaculation" Tantra

Tantric Secret of "Tantric Touch" Tantra

Tantric Secret of "Tantric Oral" Tantra

Tantric Secret of "Tantric Intercourse" Tantr

Tantra  Tantric Lovemaking Consultations Tantra

The Tantric Secret of "LASTING LONGER" (for men) Tantra

This is the ultimate in Male Enhancement!  With this Tantric Secret you can learn to Last- All Night Long.  This is not a myth.  This is a fact!  Any man can learn to do this, (as long as his "equipment" is functioning properly.)  I know, as I have already taught thousands, in my 10 yrs as a Tantra Educator.  The key is practice, (something that you can do on your own.)  If you want to Master it, you must practice it.  Tantra

If you want to please your partner, what better way, than to be able to "Last" as long as she needs.  This will enable her to finally reach the highest peaks, that she has never known before, but has secretly been longing for. 

I will coach you, over the phone, live and in person.  Before our phone date, find a quiet place, where you can relax and won't be interupted.  Light some candles, incense or spray some arousing essential oils, turn some sexy music on low, have some lube on hand, create a sensual atmosphere for yourself.  And get ready for a mind-blowing experience.  Call today! (please call the number, listed in the ad that you saw.  If you lost it, you can use the 800# below.)

Phone Session Pricing

$100   1/2 hour

$170    1 hour